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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I use the freemium plan?

The freemium plan can be used indefinitely. Check out our options to expand your plan’s capabilities. Click here to learn more.

Can I customize the columns in the Kanban?

Yes, the Kanban column names are fully editable.

What is the payment method?

Our payment method is via boleto.

Are my data safe with MACHEN?

Yes, MACHEN information is secure on the Microsoft Azure cloud server. We do not access any of our clients’ data.

How do I contact support?

To contact support, email us at or access the “Support” activity card on MACHEN.

Por que usar a MACHEN se tenho outros softwares de gestão de tarefas e produtividade?
Porque somente com a MACHEN você pode escalar as suas atividades operacionais por meio dos templates de processos e planos, fazer o acompanhamento de todas as atividades dos seus projetos, colocar em prática o planejamento, gestão, execução e avaliação da sua empresa em uma única plataforma que ainda permite fazer o cruzamento da Matriz SWOT e definir os responsáveis por suas diretrizes, metas, objetivos e ações em atividades com recorrência, status de prioridade, níveis de alçada de execução e prazos bem definidos. Reduzindo os processos e o tempo de atividade da sua equipe, seu lucro será cada vez maior.
Why use MACHEN if I have other task and productivity management software?

Because only with MACHEN can you scale your operational activities through process and plan templates, track all project activities, implement planning, management, execution, and evaluation of your company in a single platform that allows cross-referencing of SWOT Matrix and defining responsible parties for their guidelines, goals, objectives, and actions in recurring activities with well-defined priority status, execution authority levels, and deadlines. By reducing your team’s processes and activity time, your profit will increase.

How does MACHEN facilitate communication management in my company?

With MACHEN, you centralize all communication in your company on a single platform, communicate in real-time with clients, employees, and other users, share files, activities, ideas, and plans. Communication in the company can be done through groups or departments and still be associated with plans, preventing knowledge loss with employee turnover.

What are the contract terms of MACHEN and how do I cancel?

Our contracts are made through monthly licenses, automatically renewed. In paid plans, cancellation must be made with 30 days’ notice and may have the option to migrate to the freemium plan.

Do I need to be a company to use the platform?

No. MACHEN is a universal platform that can be used by everyone, from companies to students who want to organize their activities.

Can I create private plans that only I can view?

Yes. Through the “Private” functionality present in plans and activity cards, only users added to that plan or card can view the existing information.

What KPIs can I use in MACHEN?

The KPIs available in MACHEN are time, number, percentage, or currency (real, dollar, or euro), allowing you to measure any indicator.

Can I delete conversation messages and timeline rows?

Yes. It is possible to delete sent messages in MACHEN within 2 minutes of sending. After that period, the delete function is deactivated as we value the complete documentation of activities and information.

Can I customize MACHEN with my company's visual identity?

Yes. MACHEN allows complete customization of the platform to match your company’s identity.

How do I map and retrieve information in MACHEN?

In MACHEN, it is possible to tag all created information as well as plans. This way, you have all information mapped and categorized by tags, and you don’t waste time searching for files, news, plans, and other types of content.

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