Make your strategy
happen every day

Everything you need to
plan, implement and follow up
all actions in your company
in an agile, uninterrupted, and integrated way!

Eliminate the gap between
your strategy and your team’s execution


MACHEN is the SaaS platform created by SONNE to empower companies to manage and execute strategic, tactical and operational plans.

Put your planning into practice, involve your team in the tasks, monitor and replan whenever necessary.

Scale your processes, manage all your organization’s files in a single space, leverage your internal communication, engage your employees with a private social network, serve your customers with more agility and grow exponentially!

Connectivity, interaction, knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation

Keep your team and clients connected in real time, track your projects and activities in real time, and empower knowledge creation within your company through a 100% digital platform that meets all demands for face-to-face, hybrid, or remote work dynamically and instantly.

Systemic Vision 

Combine the aspects of your business, your competitors and the market, prioritize projects, initiatives, goals and strategic objectives in a visual and collaborative way.

Involve the entire organization from strategy to the individual level in the agile model.

Effectiveness, control and replanning

Use a single tool to manage your business and track your team’s productivity. Manage project hours, print reports, and track indicators for all your projects and teams.

Concentrate everything in one place – files, news, conversations, documents, decisions, indicators and much more in a productive, efficient and uncomplicated way.

Content curation, ideas and insights

A private social network with a fully customizable news portal within the MACHEN platform so that you and your team can share, comment, and interact with news, links, documents, photos, and other records.

Space for knowledge production with easy access for all your contacts and internal or external groups.

With BRIGHT & CONNECTED, you have a new way to share knowledge and information to promote innovation and relationships within your organization, whether with your employees or customers.

Customize MACHEN with the characteristics of your company!

✓ Customize the interface with your company’s visual identity
✓ Define the number of users
✓ Assign different profiles to users
✓ Develop and boost your team’s potential
✓ Track all projects and KPIs in real time with customers and employees

✓ Record and track the history and time log of activities
✓ Manage text, audio and video files in a single space
✓ Interact with employees, customers, and suppliers via private or group chats

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